Broken PromisesThe Dispossession of Japanese Canadians


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Tsuma, her children, and her mother-in-law are uprooted to the Lemon Creek internment camp. The RCMP arrest Tsuma’s husband, Moichiro, for protesting. He is imprisoned in Ontario.

Spring 1942
Tsuma and her husband, Moichiro Tonomura, register with the Custodian of Enemy Property.

September 25, 1942
Moichiro refuses to leave his farm and is incarcerated in a prisoner-of-war camp.

December 3, 1943
Tsuma’s mother-in-law, Kuni, asks a neighbour to send the ashes of her late son to her in internment.

1944 – 1946
Government officials disagree over what department is responsible for sending the ashes to the Tonomuras.

February 16, 1946
Tsuma’s mother-in-law, Kuni, pleads with the Custodian to release funds.

August, 1946
Officials in Japan record the circumstances of Tsuma’s deportation from Canada.

Library and Archives Canada/ RG27, RG117-C-3; Nikkei National Museum/ 1995.125.2

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