Broken PromisesThe Dispossession of Japanese Canadians


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Mary, her mother, and her siblings in the Greenwood internment camp in July, 1942

March 29, 1942
Acting on behalf of the Custodian of Enemy Property,
a family friend, Gavin C. Mouat, inventories
the Murakami property on Salt Spring Island.

August 19, 1942
An agent of the Soldier Settlement Board appraises the farm.

February 25, 1943
Mary’s father, Katsuyori, inquires about the protection of his farm and belongings.

June 26, 1943
Mary’s older sister, Alice, accuses Mouat of betrayal.

July 5, 1943
An official, H.F. Green, promises to investigate and questions Mouat.

September 18, 1943
Katsuyori requests funds “for clothes for winter.”

Katsuyori receives a receipt for the forced sale of his farmland.

Library and Archives Canada/ RG33-69, RG117-C-3

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