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TEJI Morishita: Case File

Families could avoid separation if they moved to sugar-beet farms on the Prairies. The Morishitas worked on a farm in southern Alberta.

December 20, 1941
The Custodian of Enemy Property records the shared ownership of the Ebisuzaki store in Vancouver.

Spring 1942
The Custodian creates a file on Teiji Morishita.

April 27, 1942
Officials takes control of the Ebisuzaki store.

September 29, 1942
The Custodian holds an “exceptional auction” of Ebisuzaki merchandise.

The Custodian forces the bankruptcy and closure of the Ebisuzaki store.

August 28, 1948
Teiji asks an official for compassion in his case.

October 21, 1950
Accounting firm P.S. Ross & Sons completes the liquidation of the Ebisuzaki store.

Library and Archives Canada/ RG33-69, RG117-A-3, RG117-C-3, RG117-C-4

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