Broken PromisesThe Dispossession of Japanese Canadians


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Masue and her children were first interned in the Slocan Valley. They sleep in tents. As soon as they can, they join Rinkichi in Revelstoke, a nearby town.

Spring 1942
Masue and her partner, Rinkichi Tagashira, register with the Office of the Custodian.

September 28, 1942
Rinkichi arranges the temporary management of his tobacco shop.

1942 – 1944
Rinkichi fights to protect his home and business from government control.

December 27, 1944
The Office of the Custodian seizes and sells the tobacco shop.

February 16, 1948
Masue and Rinkichi challenge the sale of their property at the Royal Commission on Japanese Claims.

Library and Archives Canada/ RG33-69, RG117-A-1; Vernon Museum and Archives/ 6069

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