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Aya Suzuki: Indignation

Miss Aya SUZUKI,
Registration No. 08121,
Box 48,
Slocan City, B.C.

Dear Madam:

We duly received your letter of the 18th ultimo, which we presume was written on behalf of your father, Mr. Sentaro SUZUKI.

We can readily under your concern on learning that your property has been sold but would point out that this office has merely been carrying out the policy of the Government relative to Japanese ownership of property in the protected area.

We would point out, however, that you have not replied to our letter of January 3rd and we would especially draw Mr. Sentaro Susuki’s [sic] attention to the fourth paragraph of the above mentioned letter. It must be understood that unless we have specific instructions with regard to the proceeds of the sale of 8828 Selkirk Street the funds will be held by us in the meantime, and it will not be possible for any monies to be issued from these proceeds. We hope, therefore that in the near future we shall hear from both Sentaro Susuki [sic] and Kaoru Carr Susuki [sic] of their wishes in this matter.

Yours truly,
F. Douet,
Administration Department.


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