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Usaburo Oikawa: Law

Box 27, Picture Butte, Alta.
17th August, 1944.

File No. 5590

The Custodian
506 Royal Bank Building,
Vancouver, B. C.

Dear Sir:

You have informed me that my property known as Lot 117 of Lot 140, Gp. 2, Map 1133, has been sold. As you are aware, I have never consented to the sale nor ratified it but have at all times and do now object to the sale of my said property. Because, however, I am in destitute circumstances (and because the government has discontinued the advance of maintenance to me) (or as the case may be), I have to request from you, the proceeds of the sale of the property in order to maintain myself and my family but in doing so, I wish it made clear that it is only being accepted under protest and without prejudice to any right which I have or may have arising out of what I consider the wrongful sale and disposition of my property.

Yours truly,

(SIGNED) “U. Oikawa” #12737

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