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Usaburo Oikawa: Law


August 25, 1944.

Mr. Usaburo Oikawa,
Registration No. 12737,
P. O. Box 27, Picture Butte, Alberta.

Dear Sir:

We are in receipt of your letter of August 17, 1944.

Your remarks have been carefully read and we can appreciate that the disposal of your property is a matter which will give you personal concern. However, the sale of properties to the Director, The Veterans’ Land Act, was carried out as part of a policy of liquidation outlined by the Canadian Government and the prices obtained were on the basis of appraised valuations.

Your letter has been placed upon our files so that your comments in regard to this sale will remain on record, but we can only advise you that the sale has been completed and that we are not in a position to consider any alternative in regard to this matter.

In response to your request for funds from the sale of your property, we enclose herewith a cheque in the amount of $70.00 being your regular monthly remittance for maintenance. However, if you wish to have all funds available to you at this time sent in a lump sum rather than a monthly cheque kindly advise us.

Yours truly,

W. E. Anderson,
Farm Department.

Enc. (cheque)
Credit Balance – $1449.48

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