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Rikizo Yoneyama: Belonging

Sub P. O. 9,
Edmonton, Alta.
June 21, 1944.

File No. 6976.

Dept. of the Secretary of State
Office of the Custodian
506 Royal Bank Building
Vancouver, B. C.

Dear Sir:

Re: 27th Road, Haney, B. C.
Lot 6 of the North West quarter of Sec. 21
Township 12, Map 1027, District of
New Westminster, C. of E. 50501.

I acknowledged your letter of May 30 and wish to request for further explanations regarding the sale of my property.

First of all, I wish to make it clear to you that the price set for my property is very unsatisfactory. It does not even cover for the construction of the house alone and besides the house, I have left most of my household furnitures and the farm implements. Could all my possessions have been considered when the price was set?

Surely it is not necessary for me to remind you that my wife and I are naturalized citizens since 1914 and that all my children are Canadian born? Two of my daughters are now doctors and one of them is working for the Government.

At the time we were evacuated, I had no intention of selling my property and I still do not wish to have it sold. Therefore, I strongly urge that the matter be re-considered and that the statement sent to me, be cancelled.

Please note the change of my address.

Yours truly,

“Rikizo Yoneyama”

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