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Shichitaro Odagaki: Refusal

Copy for Mr. Shears.

Cat. No. 713.

November 29, 1944.

Mr. Shichitaro Odagaki
Registration No. 07454
Slocan City, B.C.

Dear Sir:

Re: Your Port Alberni property.

We are in receipt of your letters of the 24th instant.

While we appreciate that the sale of any property is a matter of personal concern and may in some cases be contrary to the wishes of the owner, we would point out that the policy of liquidation was, as you are probably aware, decided on by the Government authorities at Ottawa and applies to the Coastal properties of all Evacuees.

We would add that we have endeavoured to take every precaution to protect owners’ interests by securing fair and adequate prices, and owners are supplied with a full statement of each transaction as soon as possible, when the net proceeds realized are placed to the credit of their account.

For your present information we might mention that the bid approved by the Advisory Committee was that submitted by the tenant, $1200.00, which is the same as the value placed on the property by an independent appraiser.

Yours truly,

R G Bell,
Administration Department


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